My Piss Drinker Was Back Today!

My fan who is really into getting pissed on was back over today. I had mentioned to him that I wasn’t overly happy with the POV Piss Video I shot with him last week as the Piss just didn’t show up all the much. It felt amazing, but I knew I could do it better. That was last night when we chatted, and he offered to drop by earlier this afternoon to give it another try.

I drank a bunch of water to get ready, and by the time he got here, I was ready to burst! The deal I have with this guy, and it’s his “deal”, not mine, is that he stays fully dressed, spends time licking my pussy and making me CUM, drinks my Piss, then when we are done, he leaves. Part of his kink is to just be an oral submissive for a woman with no sex allowed. It’s a great deal for me as I get to get off, and not have to do any work. It’s also kind of hot having that power 🙂

But, I digress as I usually do! We got right to it as soon as he got here. I had the area prepared and waterproofed (pissproofed?), and I was already fully naked and just wearing my robe. I slipped that off, sat on the edge of the couch, and lay back with the video camera ready. He was on his knees and went to work licking, sucking and fingering my pussy. I made sure he made me CUM a few times before I let go. This time I did warn him as I wanted him to pull back and let me piss in his mouth in a much more noticeable way than the last time. This time I let a stream of Piss go, and filled his mouth. I stopped the stream and told him to swallow it, which he did. I did this 4 more times, filling his mouth and having him swallow. The last bit of piss I had him slurp as it came out of me, which he greedily did. When I was finally finished, and the drinking was done, I put down the video camera and just lay back as he spent the next 30 minutes on my pussy. I don’t have it on video, but right at the end, I let another big squirt of Piss go for him to drink.

He wants to make this a weekly thing, so I will be doing this much more often. I just have to think of new fun ways to make him drink from me 😉

I will have the video for this up in my Members Area in about a week. And remember, if you ever want to drink from me too, all you need to do is ask 😉

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