A Great Saturday Night

I had a good weekend. I did nothing but relax on Friday evening, but on Saturday, I had a few cute young guys stop by for some fun. One of the guys has shot a couple of videos with me, and I had met his one friend previously at the Pub, about 6 weeks ago. The 3rd guy was another friend of theirs that I hadn’t met, but they promised me he was good looking.

The guys all came separately, but all showed up within 5 minutes of each other. They brought some beer, and while they had some of that, I had a nice glass of wine. I had earlier talked to the one guy I had fucked before, and he said the new guys was nervous and had never done much sexually. We talked about me starting with him, and then the other guys joining in. So that is what I did. I stood next to him in the kitchen and started rubbing his crotch. he was semi-hard when I first touched him, and rock hard in just a few seconds. I dropped to my knees in front of him, undid his pants, slid those down and then slowly lowered his boxers so his cock popped out! I lightly stroked his cock, and went to give him a blow-job. As soon as my lips went around his cock, I felt him shudder and then CUM! he even tried pushy me away as he was cumming, but I pulled him in even firther so he was cumming with his entire cock in my mouth! he had a pretty impressive load, and I swallowed every drop. He was all embarrassed that he came so quick, which I told him not to worry about and that I didn’t mind at all. 5 minutes later he mumbled something about having to meet someone and left. He really was embarrassed!

That left me with the two other guys and my husband. We decided to go to out bedroom and just do whatever we liked. So in the end, each guy came three times. Everyone fucked my ass and I did get to enjoy a nice Double-Penetration. My husband got to clean up a couple of Creampies and even an anal one! I was into cuckolding him that night πŸ˜‰

The entire thing lasted less than two hours, from the time they all arrived, to the time the last two guys left. And I was still horny! The hormones I take really screw you up that way. I even went on-line looking for guys to come over and fuck me! I couldn’t find any πŸ™

Sunday was just a day of rest and healing for me πŸ™‚

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