Almost did a Pee Shoot today…almost

I have a guy from the FetLife website who keeps “bugging” me about pissing in his mouth, and even video it. (I just said that because he is always saying how he hopes he isn’t bugging me)  His idea was something where I would barely have to even move, and wouldn’t need to touch him in any way. He wanted me to lie back on the couch with him licking my pussy. He then wanted me to surprise him by just letting go and pissing right in his mouth where he will try and swallow as much as he can. He’ll go back to licking my pussy while he jerks off, and when he is about to CUM, he’ll do it all over my wide open pussy! Then he would lick up all his CUM…end scene.

Since I didn’t have to move much, use my mouth, and could keep my healing stomach wound covered, I thought it could be fun. We chatted about it, and he was all set to come over…then my son calls and said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to come pick him up from school! So I had to cancel this time!

I really cannot win these days!

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