Pee Play With A Website Member

One of my website members contacted me about Watersports as he was very curious about trying it. I described the various thing people do with Pee Play, and did get him quite excited. He asked if I would be willing to let him experience it, with me! Of course, I am very open and invited him over a couple of days ago.

We started off with him pissing right in my mouth and all over me, completely soaking the white tank-top I was wearing. When he finished, I spent some time sucking his cock and then couldn’t help but lower myself on his cock! He was not expecting to fuck, but I wanted it, so I took it! We fucked for a while, and then I really had to go Pee so I lifted off his cock and let go, pissing all over his cock and balls! As soon as I was done, I went down and licked and sucked all my Pee off of him. It was fun!

I shot everything on video so I could share all my fun with all of you. The video is now live in my members area and Members can see it by clicking here. If you aren’t a Member, you really should be, so Join Right Now 🙂

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