A Fun Long Weekend

It was Thanksgiving Day on Monday here in Canada (Columbus Day in the US) so there was a lot going on. I never even made it to the Pub once this past weekend!

Friday evening, we had a really cute young couple we had met on-line come over. They originally contacted me about Swinging and trying it out. They asked if me and my husband would meet them and see what happens. I even asked them if they were sure about that as they were in their mid 20s and we are in out 50s! They said they had no problem with that, so we invited them to drop over. They showed up, and we had a few drinks sitting in the kitchen and talking. She loosened up a bit with the alcohol and started talking about the things he has done, and what she would like to try. She had only been with one other guy before her current boyfriend, and had never been with a woman. I ended up taking her to the bedroom, leaving the guys sitting in the kitchen. I undressed her, kissed her all over, and then finally got to her pussy which was already dripping wet! I spent about 10 minutes on her pussy with my fingers and tongue, and she came in a huge gush and loud moan! She then pulled me up on top of her. kissed me hard, and pushed me over onto my back. She went straight for my pussy, and with just a little instruction, she hit all the right spots perfectly. It only took me a few minutes for my first big orgasm, and I squirted right in her mouth. She loved it.

It was time to get the guys, so I went into the kitchen naked, grabbed her boyfriend and said to my husband “I guess you can come too” πŸ˜‰Β  The boys quickly got naked, and I started sucking the boyfriend’s cock while she took care of my husband. We spent quite a while first sucking, and then fucking, each others’ man. She asked if the guys could try a Double-Penetration on her as she always wanted to try. I asked her if she had ever had anal sex and she said yes, many times. So I knew she could handle it. She climbed onto her boyfriend’ cock and once she was settled, my husband used his fingers to lube up her ass. He then got behind her, and slowly slipped his cock into her ass. She moaned quite loud with pleasure, and when they all got into the rhythm, I started kissing her. The guys didn’t last long at all. her boyfriend yelled he was going to CUM, and as he did CUM, so did my husband! When they pulled out, I went down on her and tried to lick up every drop of CUM from her pussy and ass. It was great! After a short rest, her boyfriend was ready to go again, so I fucked him until he came deep in mu pussy. That was it for the night, and we are all getting together again very soon πŸ™‚

On Saturday night I had a party to go to t a friend’s place back in Montreal. It was all couples and it turned into a big Swinging Orgy! It was just a lot of sucking and fucking and girl on girl play that went on for a couple of hours. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was when I was onΒ  my knees and elbows sucking a guy with a huge cock who was laying on his back on the floor. As I sucked him, someone came behind me and tried to slide his cock into my pussy. I had to reach back and guide him in, and then he fucked me for only a few minutes and came in my pussy. he pulled out, and I still have no idea who he was! We ended up spending the night at our friend’s place and came back home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening, I had one of my cute young BoyToys over for some fun. He is only 22 but really hot with a great cock. While my husband watched TV, he and I spent a good hour in my bed where I made him CUM 3 times! Once in the mouth and twice in the pussy πŸ™‚

Monday, I rested!

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