Peeing On My Shoe

Just a couple of days ago, a guy sent me a message about Pee Play and how he got off on watching women pee on their shoes! Well, yesterday afternoon I had to go pee and it just hit me to give that one a try! So I made a silly little video where you see me walk into the scene, kick off my shoes, pick one up and hold it under my pussy, then pee all over it! I then lick off the pee, slip back into my wet shoes, and walk off scene. Short, silly, and fun! Doing it gave me a few fun ideas, and if you have any for me, please share.

Below are just the video screen captures I did. I have the video up and available right now in the ChickPee area of my Members Area. If you aren’t a member, well, you should be! JOIN RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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