Busy Busy Week, But Wednesday Was Fun!

This really has been “one of those weeks”! I didn’t do a thing last weekend, but from Sunday until today, I have hardly been home. I had to go to Montreal twice, Ottawa twice, and into Cornwall four times! All it was was drive, drive, drive! On top of that, we had all sorts of server and website problems and even now, our XRV.com website is down! There is a database problem that Danny has been working on since first thing this morning. It has left us no time to even plan anything fun.

At least I got to have some fun on Wednesday evening. We were invited over to my girlfriend Tilly’s home for an evening of sex! She was bringing over her young BoyToy for me to meet, and to fuck! He really wanted to meet me, and after what I heard about him, I wanted to try him out too. There were also three other guys there, but they just stayed voyeurs all evening and only watched!

Danny and I went up to Ottawa early so we could have dinner first, and then headed over to Tilly’s place for 7:00. Everyone was there and I go to finally meet “The Kid” (I don’t know what name I should use for him, and I don’t want to “out” him without permission). Tilly and I went to the bedroom, undressed each other, and had a fun time playing. I love the way she licked my ass and my pussy, it felt so good. The guys all got off on watching too!

It was time to finally drag The Kid in, so we got him in the room, pulled off his pants, and took turns sucking his very nice and very big cock! When we finally all got fully naked and got on the bed, Tilly and I took turns on his cock and balls. The thing I like about The Kid is that he isn’t shy at all! He ended up grabbing me and pulling me on top of him with my pussy right on his cock! Tilly then reached in, grabbed his cock and pushed it right into my pussy! It felt sooooo good. I rode him for quite a while and his cock really filled me up.

The Kid then took turns licking our pussy’s, and fucking our pussy’s! He fucked me hard in all sorts of positions including Doggy-Style with Tilly underneath us both, sucking his balls and licking my pussy. He ended up cumming on our faces, that were hanging off the edge of the bed after getting throat fucked, and Tilly and I licked each other fully clean.

That was it. We were ready to fuck the other guys and they all shied away! Well, by this time it was getting late.

I have a few teaser pictures below. We did get everything on video and have lots and lots of pictures. Those will all be up and available soon.


I will be at my local bar this evening but have no idea as to what I may do tomorrow night. As I mentioned, I just haven’t had a chance to plan anything! Hopefully, something really good will “pop up” πŸ˜‰

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