Happy Presidents and Family Day

It is a Holiday Monday for most people in North America, except for Quebec. So this is my first “Family Day” since I moved to Ontario! 😉

I had a very long week. It was just non-stop running around (put over 1500 miles on my Jeep) and when I had free time, we were rushing trying to get the basement finished. I’ve barely had a chance to get on-line most of the week! We did finally get the guest bedroom fully finished and it looks good. So when my friends and BoyToys stay over, they have a nice place to stay, and for us to play!

Friday evening, I did go to the bar and met a fan from Sweden. He was a really nice guy who hung out with us all evening. We ended up staying until last call, and I did have too much to drink. That was unfortunate for my new friend as when I do drink a bit too much, I have no desire to play.

On Saturday, we went down to Cornwall for dinner and then over to a new couple’s house to meet them and for some fun. They also invited a couple of their single guy friends who wanted to meet me. Of course they did ask me in advance. The couple were very good looking and in their early 30’s. The two guys were HOT, tall and in great shape. They were both in their late 20’s. We ended up talking about my website and one of the guys mentioned how he used to masturbate to my website when he was 13! He said he always wanted to “taste” me, and the next thing, my jeans are on the floor and his face is buried in my pussy! We were still sitting at the kitchen table and he was on his knees in front of me.

We all moved to the living room and the clothes came off quickly. For the next couple of hours, I sucked, fucked, and licked everyone. It was all just hard and fast sex with people jumping between me and the other woman. I had orgasm after orgasm, and each guy came twice. We didn’t get home until close to 3:00 in the morning!

Last night, one of my new local BoyToys came over. We went downstairs to the family room as my Father-in-law was upstairs in the living room, watching TV. We ended up having a great threesome, with LOTS of Double-Penetration and both guys taking turns being in my pussy and ass. The first CUM was a double creampie with my husband in my pussy and my BoyToy cumming in my ass. After a very short break, we went into the bathroom and both guys peed all over me, including a double stream right in my mouth. We then went back out for Round 2. Once again, I enjoyed some great DP and also took turns fucking each guy. My husband came in my mouth and my BoyToy came in my pussy. We then all just sat there naked, with me between the two guys, and watched a movie. After about an hour, the BoyToy was ready to go again, so I rode his cock on the couch until he was ready to CUM and finished him off in my mouth. Since this was his third load, it wasn’t that big, but it was tasty!

I woke up this morning about 10:00 and had to spend about half an hour scrubbing the CUM stains on the couch! I knew I should have put down the Fuck Blanket! 😉

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