Impromptu Afternoon Fun – The Video

Some of you will remember Seductive Shelly from way back during the live Gang-Bangs we used to stream from our studios. Shelly was a thin little girl that could take the hugest cocks and easily do Double-Penetrations, double pussy and even double anal! Well, I had a few people ask me recently what happened to her, and I just happened to come across the very first video we ever had of her!

This was the first time she came to Montreal and she hung out at my downtown PornAudition studio. It was a Saturday afternoon, and as usual, there were loads of people hanging out. She used to like to chat on webcam (my old RoseCam system) so Dugmor set her up on it. She was joined by Ivy, another webgirl who was up visiting me for the weekend. Of course, it didn’t take long for them to start fooling around. The thing about Ivy was that for a woman, she had a serious Foot Fetish! She just loved licking feet and sucking toes, and would do that all the time (one time at my home, she stayed on her knees in front of me and my husband for over 2 hours while we watched TV, just licking and sucking our feet!). She spent some time working on Shelly’s feet and Shelly returned the favour. Ivy also used a long lollipop as a sex toy and fucked Shelly with it. The thing is it started dissolving in Shelly’s pussy, so in the video you’ll see the dark sugary fluid running out of her. Ivy licked it all up.

Shelly then fucked Ivy’s pussy with her toes and had Ivy squirting all over the floor. That’s where this video teaser ends. In the next couple of days, I’ll upload the second part (of the first video) where Shelly and Ivy suck and fuck one of the guys that was also hanging out. There is also another couple of hours of footage with everyone else getting involved in the fun, with lots more girls and guys! Just a typical Saturday afternoon 😉

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