I Fucked 25 Guys!

I had a great time at the Gang-Bang last night and ended up fucking 25 guys! Including A LOT of Double-Penetration. I also ended up literally covered in CUM, as the guys came in my mouth, on my face, in my hair, on my boobs, my stomach, my back and my ass! I wish we could have taken pictures but to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even thinking of pictures at the time…

It all started earlier in the week wehn I got two different invitations for Gang-Bangs on Saturday. One was from a guy I know and had played with before, the other was from one of the members over on Semi-Public Sex. I didn’t even put two and two together to figure out both guys were talking about the same party! Blonde moment. The parties are run by this really nice guy, Mike, at his house and he does them every few weeks. He promotes them on places like Craigslist, and he’ll soon be promoting them over a Semi-Public Sex. He does an amazing job at hosting and supplies everything including food and drinks. There is a charge, but it is ridiculously small and is there to cover the party expenses. He obviously isn’t doing it to make money.

When we got there, there was already over 20 guys and 4 other women (well, 3 other women as one more came in after I did)  and by the time we started, we had 26 guys! I did know a few of the guys who were the, but the rest were all new to me. The guys were all from their early 20’s to early 30’s. I also had Katrina (pictured at left) come running up to me! I hadn’t seen her in years and she was at the party! Small world.

Everyone sat around, having drinks and chatting, and then our hots, Mike, got things started. Everything happened in one large bedroom, so it got crowded and hot. Katrina and another girl grabbed the king-sized bed, and a bunch of the guys got on there with them. There was a small padded bench that I sat on, and the next thing I knew, I was on my back with 2 cocks in my mouth and hands all over me. For the next little while, it was just a blur! As I was on my back sucking cocks, guys were taking turns fucking me. Other guys were holding my legs up and open, and I was just covered by the guys. After about the 6th or 7th guy fucked me, I had the guys move back so I could turn around and get some doggy fucking for a while.

Right about then, I saw the girl who was being fucked next to Katrina say she had to leave! I think she fucked 3 guys, and that was it. Meanwhile, the other 2 girls who were at the party, chickened out and didn’t play. That left just me and Katrina for 26 men! We had some serious “work” ahead!

As I was getting fucked doggy-style, one of the guys asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. I said sure, so when the guy fucking my pussy was done, he moved in and slid his cock into my ass. The other guys all went nuts just seeing that, and the next thing, everyone wanted to fuck my ass! I think I had 5 guys CUM while doing my ass in less than 10 minutes, they were so into it.

One of the guys then asked me if I had ever tried a Double-Penetration (I guess he didn’t know me), and when I said that yes, I love them, that was it again…DP’s all around! By this time, we had moved over to an air mattress that was on the floor, and believe me, and air mattress just is not conducive for Double-Penetration! We tried different positions, but the mattress was so squishy and moved o much, everyone’s cocks kept slipping out! After about 10 minutes of trying, someone noticed the large bed was now open, so we moved over there. I rode one guy’s cock while 2 other guys took turns fucking my ass. I then moved around, and sat on another guy’s cock, with it in my ass, and layed back so the guys had access to my pussy. we spent another 20 minutes with a bunch of the guys all taking turns in my pussy and my ass.

At this point, I was the only woman left in the room with close to 20 guys! I needed a break and a drink, so we all went into the kitchen, chatting and standing around naked, About half an hour later, Katrina and I went back to the bedroom, and ALL the guys followed us in. Katrina only lasted about 5 minutes and left again, leaving me lone with all the guys. By this time, I had fucked just about every guy, and had about half of them fuck my ass. But not one guy had CUM on me as of yet! Every guy just came in the condom while they were fucking, and the garbage can was just full of them! Many of the guys also came multiple times too.

For the next hour, I fucked and sucked everyone. I did have to stop the anal and DP as I was starting to get a bit sore. It was also getting late and was almost 2:00 in the morning. My husband ended up telling the guys to hurry up and CUM, but he also told them not to CUM in their condoms, but to finish on me! Once it started, it came in a flood! I was on my back with a guy fucking my pussy, and sucking a couple of cocks. Both guys came on my face at the exact same time!  The other guys jumped in and got my face , boobs and stomach. I was then flipped around, and fucked from behind while guys sprayed in my open mouth, my hair and on my back. The guy fucking me pulled out and came all over my ass, and when he moved, 3 other guys did the same thing and covered my ass! The last 2 guys finished on my face and in my mouth, and that was it! Everyone left the room, and I was there alone (well, with my husband) completely covered in CUM. he helped me clean p, then I went to take a shower.

When I got back to the crowd, hamburgers were being cooked and everyone was back to chatting and drinking. We hung out until close to 3:00 in the morning and then headed home. We gave a few of the guys a ride home too. I am a full service woman 😉

It was a great night that I will be doing again. In all, I fucked 25 different guys, had 12 or 13 in my ass, and was responsible for well over 50 orgasms, both in the condom and all over me. All in all, a successful, fun evening.

Side Note: If you are going to attend a Gang-Bang with lots of men and just one or a few women, please do not try to impress us with your staying power. That is not what a Gang-Bang is about. It’s about fast hard fucking and cumming; get in, get off, get out! We have lots of cocks to get through and can’t fuck everyone for hours, nor do we every want to, other than with fantasy stories on the ‘net! If you are one of those guys who needs a lot of sex to get off, then I guess a Gang-Bang just isn’t for you.It is a bout quick and dirty fun, not long passionate sex.

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