Swallowing A Big Mouthful Of CUM

Mike is a local guy that had been in contact with me for over a year. He really wanted to get together with me and fuck me on camera for everyone to see. We just could never get our schedules to mesh! It really did take close to a year. But, we finally worked it out, and he showed up at my place right on time.

He was a bit nervous when he showed up and met my husband. I guess it can be quite disconcerting for some guys when a woman’s husband is there telling them to fuck her good and hard! Anyway, I brought him into the bedroom and we quickly talked about what he wanted to do. He wanted me to start off by sucking his cock, and then he planned to fuck me in different positions. He also wanted to finish off right in my mouth, and not on my face, so he could see my mouth full of his CUM before I swallowed it all for him. I was happy with doing it all…

I got his pants down, and got his soft cock into my mouth. He quickly got hard and he had a perfect cock. It was nice and big and thick, and perfectly shaped. It also felt great in my mouth and I couldn’t wait to get it in my pussy. I was on my knees for a while sucking him, and then I got him to lay back on the bed so I could suck him and then jump on him! Well, he kept having problems staying hard, especially when I was trying to get a condom on him. I felt that my husband standing just a few feet away may be the cause of the problem, and so did Danny.

Danny decided to give Mike the camera, showed him how to use it, and left the room so we could finish. That did the trick! We were running out of time, so we had to bypass the fucking this time, and went right for the cock sucking and the CUM shot. I Sucked him for a while longer and then could tell he was about to CUM. A spurt of preCUM dribbled onto my tongue, and I got ready. He let go with some huge spurts of CUM while I kept his cock in my mouth. It really is hard not to swallow when your mouth is full of CUM! When he fed me every last drop, I opened my mouth wide to show the camera, and him, the big load I was holding in my mouth. I then swallowed it all, and showed my now empty mouth. It was fun…and tasty!

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