Catching up

Sorry, I’ve been really busy the last few days with all sorts of things that I just wasn’t bale to sit down and add to my Blog. It actually takes a bit of time to write these things as I am not into making little throwaway posts like so many others do.

I picked up my new strap-on Dildo from my girlfriend on Friday, and it’s a nice one. It’s hard for me to find strap-ons that properly fit me, due to my size, but this one is nice and snug, which you need for good control. I got it mainly because Kira Silver, the Porn Star, is coming to my place on the 27th and I needed something really good to fuck her with! I  did test it out on Saturday night with one of my young BoyToys!

He is a really cure young guy who is somewhat submissive and also Bi-Curious. He has asked me a few times to fuck his ass with a strap-on, so we set it up. I got his ass ready, and he took it easily! I have used dildos on his ass before, so he was used to it. This time, I got him to suck Danny’s cock while I fucked him (I’m not sure if I should be telling you that!). We did that in our home office with Danny sitting on the couch and the guy kneeling in front of him while I was behind him. Danny ended up cumming in his mouth and the guy swallowed it all. After a while, I got rid of the strap-on and had my BoyToy fuck me until he squirted all over my stomach. It was fun.

I didn’t do a thing the last few days but work on pictures and videos for my website. I have been shooting quite a bit lately, and we have a fairly large backlog to get through. And video does take a while to edit and render into all the various formats I provide.

In about an hour, I have a new local guy coming over for some fun. I’ve met him a couple of times already at the bar, but haven’t had the pleasure of playing with him yet. He’s 20 years old and lives fairly close. I hope it all works out as I wouldn’t mind him for some regular fun 😉

I will try to get a few pictures up from the fun later today.

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