A Guy Drove 6 Hours Just For Me!

I have a crazy fan who lives a 6 hour drive from me, come over for a Fan Fuck, and then immediately drive 6 hours back home! I say “crazy” because that is crazy! I’m really not worth that kind of commitment. He was a young guy, just 22, and he wanted to see if he could get into doing Porn, so I said I would “audition” him 😉

I am glad that he did take the time to get to me as we had some great sex together. He had a nice cock and some very suckable balls. He also knows how to lick a pussy, and how to fuck! We ended up with a really good video, with the teaser below showing how I started things out. 🙂

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• If you are ever interested in doing a video with me, have a look at http://www.carolcox.com/fanfuxxx.html as that has all the information 🙂


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