Another Last Minute Cancellation :)

I was supposed to be shooting a Creampie video right now! And as you can probably tell, I’m not!

I had this guy lined up for a few weeks. Everything was good, right up to this morning. Then 15 minutes before we were supposed to start he emails and says he would rather do it on the weekend! I spent the morning getting ready, making sure everything was soft and smooth, and I even held in a bladder full of piss as he wanted me to piss on him! It takes my a solid two hours for me to get ready, and for Danny to get the shooting area set up.

You should know that out of the last twenty (20) guys I was supposed to shoot with, I only shot with one! I had to cancel twice, and the remainder of the guys (17) either just never showed (14), or wrote at the very last minute (3). It has gotten just ridiculous 🙁

I have two guys lined up for a shoot with me next week, and I am just hoping they both show.

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