Friday Night Cuckolding Group Fun

On Friday evening, I had a few guys over for some cuckold play with me and my husband. I met all three guys on a Fetish website a while back, and had had drinks with them all. One of the guys even did one of my Fan FuXXX videos about a year ago. So I knew the guys which made it all much easier, and they were all really interested in getting involved with the cuckold play.

The plan was that I was going to fuck all three guys and at the same time, make my submissive cuckold hubby do whatever I told him to do. It started fast with all of us naked, except my cuckold, and everyone on the bed. It also started fast for the cumming! One of the guys was laying back and I started sucking his rock hard cock. Within a minute, I felt him go rigid and then he started cumming. I took it all in my mouth without spilling a drop, grabbed my cuckold and pulled him over, then kissed him, and gave him all the CUM to swallow. I love i!

The next two guys both came in my pussy and I made my cuck lick me clean after both. We kept the fun up with all the guys cumming twice and one of the guys cumming four times. I made sure that my cuckold hubby got to taste every load.

It was a very fun and involved evening, and I got what I wanted, as did everyone else there 🙂

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