Getting Really Pissed Off At The Time-Wasting Flakes!

Things have gotten ridiculously bad for shooting videos! Would you believe that the last 5 guys I have had scheduled for a shoot didn’t show up! Not even a call or a message saying that they can’t make it. Two of the guys had the balls to message me the next day and ask if I would reschedule them and give them another chance! Sorry, I am now in the “one strike and you’re out!” mindset.

I spend 2 to 3 hours getting ready when I have a video shoot planned. It takes me close to 2 hours to just shower, shave, and do my hair and make-up for the shoot. Then I have to get the shooting area ready, and get everything in place. After that, I wait for the guy to show up. And I wait and wait then finally realize I booked another flake! What has happened to men to make them act like this?

I am honestly considering charging a “booking deposit” that the guy has to pay after we agree on a date and time, and that would be fully refundable when they show up. I would probably go for $100 through Paypal, and then move it back to him once he came over. If he doesn’t show up, then I just keep the money as payment for the time I wasted.


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