The Weekend In Brief :)

I had a pretty sexual weekend that I quite enjoyed. On Friday, we had a hot young couple drop over for some play. They had contacted me on-line and after lots of messaging, I invited them over. The play was just me with them in a MFF Threesome, with my husband just watching. I do that from time to time as I know many couples want to try “Swinging” with a woman only and my husband doesn’t mind in the least.  he gets off on being a voyeur 😉

They had been with a couple of women before, but I was the first truly “experienced” one! So there was lots of me taking care of her orally, and sucking him as she licked my pussy. I didn’t fuck the guy as I really wasn’t sure if I should go that far, so his only fucking was with his wife. He finished  while fucking her doggy-style and in a 69 with me(o the bottom).  After he came, he pulled out and a big blob of CUM landed right in my open mouth! After swallowing that, I licked her pussy clean 🙂

On Saturday, I finally gave in to a Twitter Fan who has been messaging me on there for the past full year. He is a younger guy about 26, quite cute, and has a nice cock.  He also lives about an hour away, so it was quite easy for him to travel to me. He has asked and asked about hooking up and being my Bull within cuckold play, and as I mentioned, I finally gave in to him.

He showed up around 9:00pm and we had a couple of drinks and chatted. We talked about what we like to do sexually and I had him tell me what his fantasies were. Once I was ready, I took him into my bedroom and told my husband to follow. I had my husband sit in the chair and I slowly undressed my new young Bull as he undressed me. We moved to the bed and just enjoyed some great sex. When he was close to cumming, we moved into a basic missiionary position and he fucked me until he came in my pussy. He rolled off of me and I had my husband come right over and lick my pussy clean. I even used my fingers to scoop out the deep CUM and had him lick it off. When he was done I told him to leave the room. Nothing more for him that night!

I spent another full hour with my new “Twitter Bull” and loved every minute of it 🙂

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