Great Unexpected Fun Last Night

I had two young local guys come by yesterday evening. I knew the one guy as he did a video with me back about 6 months ago. His friend was new. He had texted me in the late afternoon, asking if I was free. I was and invited him as his friend over. They showed up at 7:30pm and we got right down to play.

I took them down to my office/home studio where I had opened the futon into a bed. They quickly undressed me, and then got naked themselves. Over the next hour we sucked and fucked in all sorts of positions. Both guys came twice in my pussy, and I came so much, I couldn’t even count! They were gone before 9:00pm!

I went on-line and made a post on Twitter about it, also saying how horny I still was. A bunch of guys Tweeted me about being willing to help me out, and I actually took one guy up on his offer! He had message me with some pictures, and I liked what I saw. He was also fairly close, only a 20 minute drive away. I invited him over, and had a quick shower to clean up.

When he showed up, I again took him to my futon (with a fresh sheet) and I started things off in the same way I start many of my videos, with me dressed, on my knees, undoing his pants, pulling out his cock, and sucking it! After a couple of minutes, I pushed him down on the futon and kept working his cock. He was close to cumming and tried to stop me, but I wouldn’t let go and kept sucking him. He finally gave up trying to pull away, and came fully in my mouth. I just kept sucking him until he was fully hard again. That took about two minutes 😉

We ended up fucking in all sorts of positions, and when he was ready to CUM again, I had him give me a Facial. That was it, we were done, and the entire encounter took about 25 minutes. We cleaned up, and he left, but he will be back.

It was now just before 11:00pm and I was still horny. That meant my husband got used by me too 😉

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