Just Had A Fine Fuck

This JUST happened, 5 minutes ago!

I was in the bathroom, taking off my make-up, and doing all the things I do to get ready for the night. When I got out to the living room, my husband told me a certain guy has texted me, and that he had answered him. The guy said he was driving by, so my husband told him to stop over, park in the driveway, and that he would send me out! So I hear this, look out the window, and there is his truck in my drive way.

I was wearing nothing but my fuzzy robe, so I slipped outside to the truck, went around to the passenger door, opened it, and saw him there with no pants stroking a huge hard-on! I had him move over to the passenger side, then I climbed into the truck, sitting right on top of him. I grabbed his cock and guided into my surprisingly already wet and ready pussy. I rode him hard, and it felt great, and just as he felt me start to orgasm, he came hard inside of me. I could feel his cock pulsing as he spurted. When he as done, I kissed him, politely thanked him, and the lifted off his cock. A lot of CUM dripped out onto his cock, and I left him there to clean himself. I went back into the house and made my husband clean me up with his tongue 😉


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