I Just Had A Really Nice Fuck

I just finished (okay, 30 minutes ago) having a great play session with a brand new guy. The thing here is that I never even talked to the guy beforehand! I did see pictures though.

The way it happened was this guy and my husband have been chatting off and on for over a year. The topic of fucking me came up, and after loads of discussion on what the guy wanted to do, my husband set it up! he talked me into it, and that was that. I only found out a few minutes ago that my husband had whored me out for a King-can of beer. Not even a case, but just one beer! 😉

When he got here, we went straight to the bedroom, and started really slowly. As we played, my husband sat back to watch, while drinking his beer! It was a lot of oral and fucking in every position. I made the guy CUM twice, once in my mouth and then in my pussy. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.

I’m going to jump in the shower now as I have another guy popping by tonight! 😉


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