My Weekend Fun

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday, we had a couple of male friends from Montreal come out to play. I first met both the guys at a Gang-Bang close to 15 years ago, and have been fucking them ever since. This was not shot on camera, other than a few phone pictures. I started off by sucking and swallowing each guy in turn, and then after a drink break, we got down to fucking. Both guys came in my pussy, and then I made my husband lick me clean 😉

Last night, I had a new guy come by. He lives up in town and I had met him at the Pub on many occasions. he was a bit nervous due to knowing my husband was in the house, but I took him straight to my bedroom, without making him see Danny. We had some great sex for about an hour, with him cumming twice. The first time in my mouth as I sucked him, and the second in my pussy as I was riding him cowgirl style. I have some great orgasms. We cleaned up and I walked him to the door. He never saw my husband who was downstairs doing some work. 🙂


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