It Was A Nice Long Weekend

We just had a long weekend in Canad with yesterday being Victoria Day. I spent the weekend doing some yard work and getting things ready for planting. It wasn’t all that tedious though as I did have a bit of fun Saturday night.

I had a guy over who I shot a blow-job video with last year, and who wanted to play some more, off camera. He is a quite cute 22 year old with a great body and a very nice cock. We had a drink with my husband, and then leaving my husband, I took the young guy to my bedroom. There were things he really anted to try and had e-mailed me his “list”, so I helped him work through them.

He had never had his ass rimmed, so that was the very first thing I did to him. I had him lay on his stomach on my bed, then I moved up to spread his cheeks and to start licking and deeply rimming his ass. He was moaning in no time, and I took that as a cue to work a finger into his ass! He pushed back against my finger until I got the entire length of it inside of him. He had to stop me a few times as he was about to CUM!

The next thing was him rimming my ass, which was on his “sexual bucket list”. I lay on my tummy and he got behind me and started licking my ass. He started working his fingers in to me, and when he got to the third one, I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass (something else he has never done). He slid up and I helped guide his cock into my ass. He made about 4 strokes and then said he was about to CUM. I told him not to hold back and to let it go, and he did! He has a fairly thick cock, so I could feel it pulse on every squirt as he came deep in my ass!

After he finished, he lay on me for a couple of minutes and I could feel his cock softening in my ass. It finally fell out, and I immediately went down on him to suck his cock clean and get him hard again, which did not take long. We fucked in different positions, and while fucking me hard Doggy-Style, he came inside of me. We both collapsed next to each other, and just lay there kissing one another softly.


He was also curious about Piss Play, and wanted to piss on me and then me on him. We moved to the shower and he started. I got on my knees in front of him, and waited until he could get his stream going. It took a couple of minutes, but when he started he pissed long and hard! He aimed for my open mouth as well as all over my body. He really had to go! Once he was done, He got on his knees and I stood over him. He began licking and sucking my pussy, and when I started peeing, I filled his mouth over and over. He loved it!

We showered together, went back to the bed, and fucked each other again. He was able to CUM with a fairly large load for his 3rd time, again deep in my pussy.

That was it for a fun Saturday night. šŸ™‚

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