Meeting A New Bi-Curious Guy Tonight

I have been messaging back and forth with a younger guy from Ottawa about his curiosity of Bi-Sex. He told me he was really curious, and excited, about sucking a cock, but only would want to do it if there was a woman present and taking part. This is very common, and something that curious men tell me all the time, how they wanted to try a cock, but could never do it one-on-one with another man. We all have to start somewhere and in a way we are comfortable with.

He is a very good looking guy in his late 20’s, and he also has a very nice cock. he is coming over to meet us tonight, and if he is comfortable, we will play. I told him he could satiate his curiosity with my husband’s cock, and that I would help him and work with him on it. I’ll probably start with my husband sucking the new guy’s cock with me, to get him more comfortable.

His other request was to lick CUM out of my pussy, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to clean up his own. So I will get my husband to CUM in my pussy and let him lick all that up. Finally he asked if he could fuck my ass in a Double-Penetration and CUM in it, which is something he hs never done. he hsn’t even tried anal sex before! So we’ll start with just him in my ass, then move to the DP, and the CUM. I may mke my usband lick up the anal Creampie 😉

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow, if it even goes at all! I haven’t been having good luck lately.


Tomorrow night, we have a bunch of friends coming over for a dinner party, and lots of drinks 😉

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