Weekend Recap

Here is my Sunday report on what I did over the weekend! We were thinking of hitting the Pub on Friday evening, but I was a bit tired after a very busy week so we just stayed in and watched television. If there was something going on, we probably would have gone out, but I think it would have been a slow night at the Pub, and no one was coming to hang out. I did the unthinkable…had sex with my husband! πŸ˜‰

Saturday was a different story as we had a couple of guys that I had first met on-line coming over for some fun. The two guys actually met each other through me and have become good friends. They are both in their mid 20s, and one of the guys is from Hawkesbury with the other from Alexandria (for those of you who know the geography around here). I had fucked them both before, but separately. This would be the first time they were going to “tag-team” me.

They showed up and we had drinks and hung out in the kitchen for a while, then moved down to my basement play area. In no time at all, we were all maked and I was on my back on the bed with one guy sitting on my face so I could rim his ass, and the other going pushing my legs and hips up so he could rim mine! There was an entire lead up as to what e started in this position, but I won’t get into it. So after I had my tongue up both guys asses, as well as my husbands, we got started for real.

For the next 2 hours it was just a lot of sucking, licking and fucking, including an intense Double-Penetration I got to enjoy. All 3 guys came in my ass the first time through, and then the 2 boys came in my mouth the second time. But, we were not done! Both guys wanted to try Watersports by pissing all over me, so we had set up our “waterproof” area in preparation of some Piss Play. I was on my knees, with all 3 guys (the 2 guys and my husband) in front of me. They were going to try to all piss on me at the same time, but as it was there first time, they were a bit Pee Shy. Since My husband isn’t, he went for it and pissed on my face and in my open mouth. Just s his stream was dying off, one of the guys let go with a fire-hose of piss! He really had to go! He moved even closer so his cock was less than a foot from my open mouth, almost drowning me! As his stream started weakening, I quickly took his cock in my mouth and swallowed the last bit he could give me. The 3rd guy tried and tried, but just couldn’t get it going! I stayed in front of him for about 5 minutes while he tried to relax enough to let go, but it just wouldn’t happen. He finally had to go to the bathroom alone to drain πŸ˜‰

I went upstairs and had a quick shower and came back down to all the guys sitting back, jerking off, waiting for me. I decided to ride each guy, one at a time until they came in my pussy. It actually went quicker than I would have thought πŸ˜‰

So that was my weekend. Today is my day of rest (not really, it’s the day I catch up on my work) πŸ˜‰

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