A Fun Weekend Ahead

I have a great weekend ahead of me, starting in just a few hours. I have this cute kid from Cornwall coming over so I can “take” his virginity. He is cute, in a geeky way, and just turned 18 back in November. he has never been with a girl, not even to kiss. He says he is just too shy around women and has no self-confidence. I am hoping to help him with that!

I had him send me pictures, which he did, along with a video he shot of himself jerking off. He is on the thin side (okay, skinny), but his cock is HUGE! It is a really nice cock too, straight, cut, thick and over 8 inches long! The girl have no idea what they are missing, and are probably hanging out with all the cool guys and their small cocks 😉

The video he sent me shows him jerking off and when he came, it was like a fountain that wouldn’t stop spurting! he had 8 big ropes of CUM squirt out, and it looks so nice. He also said he could CUM 3 or 4 ties in a row! I love the youth 😉

There is an added bonus to this, and that is his friend who will be driving him over! He’s 19, and pretty good looking. He is supposed to be a virgin too. So I will be helping out 2 boys tonight. I’ve already gone through things with them s to how I work with virgins. The first load must be in my pussy. I have them fuck me in a missionary position for that very first time, so they are in control. When I feel them start to CUM, I wrap my arms and legs around them and pull them in hard. I hold them like that for a few minutes until I feel their heart rate go down. I then role them off me, and go down and suck their cock clean while they relax and recuperate. Then we do anything they like 🙂

So, tonight will be fun, for me! 🙂

Tomorrow night, we have a couple coming over for dinner and an evening of play. That will be enjoyable too as I get to bury my face in some tasty pussy 🙂


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