A Member Just Drank My Pee

pic004I have a website member who contacts me quite a lot. For the past 6 months he has been asking me if I would allow him to lick and play with my pussy and also pee in his mouth! He didn’t want to do anything else and asked if I could be fully naked while he stays fully dressed. Well, I finally gave in! I guess persistence does pay off. He is married, and doesn’t want to sexually cheat on his wife, other than with fulfilling his Piss Fetish which his wife just isn’t into.

My stipulation was that he allow me to film it, and he agreed as long as he could hide his face. I have some balaclavas which I told him he could wear (even though everyone looks creepy wearing those things!). To get ready for him, I drank 3 bottles of water, and even some pineapple juice to sweeten me up a bit.

pic005When he showed up, I was ready for him. I had “waterproofed” the couch and was all set to go. I also did kind of have to pee badly, so I was ready to get started! I gave him the balaclava to put on, removed my robe, and sat back on the couch. He went down on me and started touching and licking my pussy, but he said he was a bit self-conscious about drinking my pee with my husband there. So I took the video camera, tossed my husband out of the room, and shot the video POV style from my point of view!

He spent 5 or 6 minutes licking and sucking and fingering my pussy, it felt good. I had to piss badly, but I held it back to stretch things out. When I let go with the first squirts, he sucked greedily at my pussy and swallow a lot of what I gave him. Over the next 5 or so minutes, I would let my pee run out of me, then stop the flow, doing that a handful of times. Once I had emptied my bladder into his mouth, he kept licking and sucking on my pussy. After a few more minutes, I turned the camera off, put it down, and just enjoyed the cunnilingus. The video I shot is close to 13 minutes long, but he spent a non-stop 45 minutes between my legs, making me CUM quite a few times. It felt great not having to return the favour and just lay back while someone worked fully on me.

The video will be up by tomorrow for the members to view.

He is coming back over in a few days to do it again! I reviewed my video and I think I could do better. Instead of holding back and slowly letting my pee out, the next time I intend on just letting go, full force in his mouth and face! It may be a shorter video, but it will be explosive! 😉


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