Played With A New Couple On Saturday Night

I met a new young couple over on the website. We chatted over the past few weeks as they were curious about Swinging and hooking up with another woman. They really haven’t done anything except for a blow-job she gave to one of his friends on a drunken evening a few months ago. It was what got them talking about experimenting more.

I invited them over with the understanding that my husband wouldn’t take part, but just watch us. This was their request as they didn’t think they were ready for her to actually fuck another guy. They lived about an hour away, just outside of Ottawa, and they showed up right on time. Alice (okay, not her real name) was a bit nervous as she had never been with a woman before, and “Ted” was really excited. I started off by having Ted just stay back for a while and watch. I kissed her, and slowly undressed her (amazing body, BTW!) and then kissed and licked her all over. I finally made it to her pussy, but took my time by slowly teasing her. I hadn’t even touched her pussy lips or clit as of yet, but she was already open and dripping! When I finally got my tongue in her, she shuddered and moaned. I fingered her, and licked and nibbled her pussy, and in just a few minutes she came with an amazing gush in my mouth. I brought her off 3 more times before she finally stopped me. It was just getting to be too intense πŸ˜‰

I was still fully dressed so now it was her turn to undress me, and she repeated what I had done to her. Alice really got into it, and was just devouring my pussy, making me CUM over and over. Every time I came, it would just make her go at it more ferociously! I loved it. I finally had to stop her as I needed a little break, and we got Ted back over and together we undressed him. We shared his cock, taking turns sucking it and his balls. he almost came a few times and made us stop. He fucked Alice for a bit while I kissed her, and then he asked if he could fuck me. I said if it was fine with Alice, it was fine with me, and she said she did want to see it. I had him lie back and I climbed on him and slowly lowered my pussy onto him. In less than a minute he said he was going to CUM, so I stopped and then quickly got off him. He held it back, and I then had him fuck Alice doggy-style was I was underneath her in a 69. He lasted only a couple of minutes before he came hard inside of her. I could see his cock pulsing with every squirt! When he pulled out, a big glob of CUM landed right in my eye (CUM always seems to get my eyes) and I quickly pulled her pussy down right on my mouth. As I sucked Ted’s CUM from her pussy, she came again with a big gush, so I had a nice mixture from both of them πŸ˜‰

After a break and a drink, Ted was ready to go again. We all played around again and I ended up with Ted fucking me doggy-style. Throughout everything, my husband was just sitting back in a chair, watching it all. Alice went to him, pulled out his cock, and while Ted and I were fucking, she sucked my husband! I heard her tell him to CUM in her mouth, and within a few minutes, he did! After she finished swallowing him, she came over and kissed me so i could taste it. As we did that, Ted came deep in my pussy. πŸ™‚

We cleaned up and went up to the kitchen for a drink and to talk about what had happened. They had really enjoyed themselves and said they were ready to take the next step and try out a Swing Club. We do plan to play again soon πŸ™‚

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