A Fun Saturday Night

On Saturday I posted that I had a couple of new guys coming over to my place for some fun. Well, that turned into 5 guys! Some friends saw my post on here and asked if they could join the party to. I asked the new guys if they would mind and they were fine with it, so by 9:00PM, I had 5 guys (and my husband) sitting around the kitchen, drinking beer! I had some wine, and was also feeling good πŸ˜‰

After a couple of the drinks, one of the guys that I knew well and played with quite a lot, grabbed me and pulled my stretch pants down and off, and then pulled off my tank top. I was fully naked. He pushed me down to my knees, pulled out his cock, grabbed my hair, and forced his already hard cock into my mouth. All this without saying a single word. He basically face fucked me for jst a few minutes before cumming hard in my mouth, and with quite a big load too! As he was cumming he told me not to swallow, and when he was done, he had me open my mouth and show his load to everyone. I was then told to swallow, which I did.

That 5 minute “demonstration” got everyone up and going, and I was taken into the living room and fucked by everyone! It really was just a blur, of sucking, fucking, and anal sex. One of the new guys slid his cock into me as I was sucking another guy on the couch, and he lasted about 30 seconds before he came deep in my pussy. All the guys came fairly quick, and the entire first round lasted about 30 minutes with every guy cumming in me. We then took a break (I needed one) for another 30 minutes, and then started again. The second round was slower and much longer. The frantic energy of the first round changed to more intimate love-making. I did get to enjoy an amazing Double-Penetration with 2 of the guys. They managed to get the rhythm down perfectly, and I was having orgasm after orgasm, and it went on so long (or so it felt, in a great way).

A couple of the guys wanted to go for a third round, so we went into the bedroom leaving the other guys with their drinks in the kitchen. We spent close to an hour sucking and fucking and by the end, I was wasted!

Everyone left about 2:00 in the morning, and I slept right through to 11:00 the next morning!. All in all, a great Saturday night πŸ™‚

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