I Will Finally be Able To Enjoy Anal Sex Again Soon!

asspicYes, in just a few weeks, I will be able to enjoy anal sex once again. let me explain…way back in the fall, around October, I got a hemorrhoid! Yes, one of those nasty painful  things right in your butt. Luckily it was an outside one and not an inside one. I went through all the treatments I could do with the prescription creams and such, but although it did shrink a bit, it just would go away. For those of you who have had them, you know how painful they can get. So I haven’t had an anal sex of any type since back in October, and anal is something I have always greatly enjoyed.

asscumI saw a Specialist back in March, and as I was due for a colonscopy, he said he would do both at the same time…the colonoscopy and remove the hemorrhoid. I’ve been waiting and waiting for an appointment, and after a few screw-ups (typical Canadian health care system) I am scheduled for tomorrow! I’m not looking forward to it, but at least once I am healed, I can have fun.

I am actually thinking of doing an all anal modified Gang-Bang thing when I am ready. No other sex, just anal. I will lie there on my stomach, with my ass ready, and the guys take turns fucking and cumming in my ass, one after the other 😉

If I can sit at the computer tomorrow after I get home, I’ll let you all know how I feel. I am hoping to heal up fast!

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