I Had A Pretty Good Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend if you consider that I had 14 different cocks in me to be a good thing! I do! 😉

On Friday, we hooked up with a bunch of people from the XRV.com website. Everyone ended up back at my place for a little party that went on pretty late. I ended up fucking 5 different guys, and one of them, a young 19 year old, fucked me 4 times that night! He was a machine!

Saturday, we had a BBQ at a friend’s place in the country. There were quite a few people there and over half were Swingers. The rest knew, and could do as they liked. It started in the early afternoon and went until close to midnight. Early on, I had three guys, all in their early 30’s, bend me over a car and take turns fucking me from behind. It was like one of those Dogging videos! As we were fucking bareback, and I hadn’t put in my usual contraceptive sponge, I aksed them not to CUM in me, so they all finished in my mouth. I didn’t spill a drop and no one needed to clean up a thing 😉

Throughout the day, I played with four more of the guys there, and a few of the women too. By this time, I had inserted my sponge so enjoyed a bunch of nice gooey Creampies. I loved it!

I had a couple of friends from Toronto who were in the area for a concert on Saturday, and they dropped by on Sunday afternoon for a BBQ and some fun. They spent the night and slept with me in my bed while my husband stayed in the guest room. Of course, we went for hours, sucking and fucking, and I even got woken up at 6:00 in the morning with a cock working its way into my pussy! 😉

So all in all it was a pretty fun weekend 😉


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