No one contacted me with anything fun to do this evening, so it looks like we’ll be heading over to Berrigan’s Pub in Lancaster for Jukebox Pete’s Karaoke & Dance Party! 😉

Pete is a friend who does Karaoke, which my husband used to help with, a year or so ago. I was actually hoping to do something more sexual in nature, but no one had any ideas and the people I did contact were all busy! That sucks! But hopefully I’ll meet some new fun people and maybe some will want to come back home with me 😉

Honestly, I would love to meet some open and fun local people who would like to play. Singles, couples, groups, it would all be good. I really need some local boyfriends, and girlfriends!

If you ever do come to meet or hang out, just don’t be one of those drunk, grabby guys! That turns me off!


I did a fun members area picture and video update earlier today with a new girl, Sharon, peeing on camera for her very first time. She was a bit Pee Shy, and couldn’t get started, so Jizzabelle jumped in and pissed first! That got Sharon going, and she peed in the kitchen sick. Silly but fun 🙂

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