Weekend Fun

I had a pretty good weekend, with some fun sex, even though my period unexpectedly started right after the Blog post I made on Friday! Yes, I had a fun weekend planned with sex, but at around 5:00 I went to the bathroom and noticed a little something! It was upsetting. I will have sex with my husband when I am on my period, but I am still quite shy to do it with anyone else. Just one of my quirks.

We went to the Pub on Friday night for a couple of drinks, and one of my cute young suitors showed up. I had never played with him, but have really wanted to, and he picks that night to meet up! I had to mention that I was on my period, and that ended up really exciting him! He whispered to me that one of his fantasies was to have sex with a women during “that time of the month”. I just wasn’t convinced, but he ended up following us home for another drink.

Many women will say that they lose all sexual feeling when they are on their period, and I am the complete opposite! I get unbelievable horny when I am menstruating, and spend my time masturbating and fucking my husband. Yes, I am weird. So, saying that, I was amazingly horny on Friday night and with my husband and The Boy both bugging me to fuck them, I actually finally gave in! The first thing I did was lay a couple of old sheets over the bed, just in case. I was so horny that as soon as we were undressed, I pulled The Boy on top of me, and pulled his cock right into my pussy. He fucked me hard for only a couple of minuts, then pumped a huge load of CUM right into me! I could feel his cock pulse, and it went on for quite a while. As soon as he pulled out, my husband jumped in and took over. He loves to fuck my pussy when it is full of CUM. He came after a few minutes, and when he pulled out, The Boy was all ready to go again! He went in and started fucking me, with my knees up around my head. I could feel all the CUM squeezing out of me and running down my ass! He fucked me hard for almost 10 minutes, and came again.

It was really messy, and I won’t go into that detail, so we cleaned up, and then I went down on The Boy as my husband licked my pussy (Yes, he loves doing that too). The Boy quickly got hard again, and this time I climbed on him and rode him for quite a while. After another 10 minutes, my husband got behind me and worked his cock into my ass. It felt amazing. After that, The Boy didn’t last that long and came again, with my husband following shortly behind and cumming in my ass. The sex was hard and fast, and truly felt amazing. I was also just spent, so The Boy left, and we just went right to sleep.

Saturday was supposed to be Sex Party day, and we did go, but I didn’t fuck anyone. Not even anal! I licked some tasty pussies, and sucked a few cock, and even got to swallow two nice loads. So all in all, it was an okay night. My husband got to fuck four other women, so he had a good time 😉

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, but I ended up working on all the text for my new website. That was tedious as I really don’t like the way I write, and constantly change things. It just never feels good enough.

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