Play Updates

Wednesday night, my Pee Buddy came over. It was quite late when he got here, close to 11:00 and my husband had just gone to bed. He had to be up very early the next morning to go in for blood tests for his yearly physical, and as a favour to me, he went and slept in the guest room leaving the main bedroom free for me πŸ™‚

I have played with this guy a couple of times before, and we did pee on each other once before. He had a “problem” back then, being a bit Pee Shy, and wanted to make up for that this time. It was supposed to be me peeing on his face first, and then him on me, but when he showed up he was desparate to pee! He had been holding it in for so long that he was about to burst. So we quickly went into my bathroom, got undressed, and I got on my knees in my shower. As soon as he stepped in he just let go. He really had to go too as he peed for over a minute! ll over my body, my face, and right into my open mouth. I even held some in my mouth and when I stood and kissed him, gave him a little of his own pee πŸ˜‰

It was now my turn. I laid a bunch of twoels on the bathroom floor and had him lie on his back. I squatted over his face with my pussy right against his open mouth and then let it flow. I filled his mouth and he swallowed as much as he could. But a lot of it ran out all over his face and into his hair. I bent down and we enjoyed a 69 for a while, right there in the pee, with him licking my pussy while I sucked his cock. I spun around and sat on his cock and rode him for a few minutes before moving to the bed.

We then spent a fun while doing lots of oral sex on one another before fucking in a bunch of different positions. I finished him off in my mouth, and swallowed every drop of his tasty CUM. He had to pee again, and this time I was able to hold his cock in my mouth while he peed. We then took a quick shower together, and headed for home, and I headed for bed.

Yesterday I had my two “Gay” friends drop over just after noon. My husband had run into Montreal to bring my father-in-law some stuff he needed in the hospital, so I was alone. The guys knew I wanted to watch them for a while, so they started things off kissing and sucking each other while I lay on the bed next to them, playing with myself. I finally joined in for some shared oral and we all licked and sucked one another. I fucked both guys, just moving back and forth between them which was fun. Then I helped the guys fick! I got the one guy’s ass ready with my tongue and fingers, and the other guy’s cock wet with my mouth, and helped guide the cock into the as! As they fucked, I reached under and played with their balls. I love watching men fuck.

We even tried and anal train! The one guy got his cock into my ass, doggy-style, and the other guy got his cock into the first guy’s ass. We managed to last almost a full 30 seconds before everything fell right apart πŸ˜‰ We finished with me snowballing CUM with both guys! That was so hot!

The guy who was supposed to come over last night had to cancel on me, which was upsetting. I was really really looking forward to having some fun with him. I was also supposed to have my old boyfriend over this morning, but I had to cancel on him! They are letting my father-in-law out early…today! So we have to head out to Montreal in a couple of hours to pick him up. There goes the Sex Party at my house tomorrow night! πŸ™

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