A Great Night and A Great Day

Late last night, I got a message from one of my BoyToys who I hadn’t seen in months. I ended up inviting him over, and he showed up at 11:30PM. He ended up spending the night with me in my bed while my husband slept on the office couch! That actually happens a lot more than people realize, and it’s nice that my husband is happy when I am happy and doesn’t mind giving me my space to play. I do realize our relationship isn’t for everyone.

I had put in one of my contraceptive sponges, so I enjoyed bareback sex all night. We played around for about an hour and a half before he came inside of me and we fell asleep. Around 4:00 in the morning, I woke up with a hard cock pressing against my ass, so I reached down and guided it into my pussy. We fucked in a spooning position until he came again. I fell back asleep with his cock still inside of me. At about 8:00 in the morning, I awoke with a tongue in my ass! He licked and fingered my ass for close to 15 minutes, then got behind me and slipped his cock into my ass. He came pretty quick and we lay like that for quite a while before getting up.

We jumped in the shower together, washed one another, then he had to leave to get to work. He was late…

No one was around the house today at all, so my husband and I did basically nothing except sty naked all day, and fuck A LOT! We haven’t done that in quite a while, not the fucking, but the all day naked thing. We even got to enjoy our little Pee Fetish together with each of us peeing on the other 3 different times. I am really getting into atrsports and doing more than I ever thought I would 😉

This evening, we’ll be over at the bar as we always are on a Friday. I am hoping I’ll have some new hot guys show up that I can bring home to play. It’s actually been pretty good lately, so here’s hoping tonight is as well 🙂

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