I Had A Fun Night

I had a very fun night last night, and the new year is starting out well. We went over to the bar at out usual 6:30 to meet up with friends for happy hour. It was a girlfriend’s birthday and another friend was playing at the bar that night, so we ended up staying until midnight. A few new people came out to and it was great meeting them and chatting with them. I even set up future “play dates” with a couple of the new guys.

We were doing our usual silliness, flashing the band and the guys at the bar and just being our foolish selves. Right around 11:00, a fan of mine from Vermont comes walking in with a friend. he was supposed to be in Montreal much earlier, but they got held up at the border for close to 2 hours, getting checked and having their car searched! Needless to say, they wereΒ  bit pissed off. I had met my fan, Dave, three times before, but we had never had the chance to play. This time, I invited him and his friend back to my place, and so we left the bar at midnight and headed home.

We had a drink in the kitchen, then Dave got a bit frisky and started groping me, in front of his friend. My husband Danny got some pictures of it, but I promised I wouldn’t share them, sorry. I finally told the guys to get upstairs to my bedroom, and I did not have to say it twice! As soon as I got into the room, Dave tore my clothes off me and tossed me onto the bed and quickly followed. His friend and Danny got undressed and climbed on the bed with us. I was on my back, and Danny got between my legs and started licking my pussy. Dave and his friend (I also promised not to use his name, and I’m too lazy to come up with a fake one) kneeled on each side of my head and I spent some time sucking both their cocks.

I moved around and got on my hands and knees with Dave’s buddy lying in front of me. As I sucked his cock, Dave got behind me and started licking and fingering my ass. Rather quickly, Dave’s friend says “I;m going to CUM!” and tries to push me away. I clamped on hard and kept going and he quickly gave up trying to push me off and filled my mouth with his CUM. I swallowed every tasty drop, then kept lightly licking and sucking his cock as he is one of those guys who gets super sensitive after he CUMs, and I just love torturing those guys πŸ˜‰

As I was doing that, Dave got up behind me and slipped his cock into my ass. He started fucking me, slowly at first, and then hard and fast, and in about 2 minutes, he came deep in my ass. As soon as he pulled out and moved out of the way, Danny got in there and fucked my ass again until he came inside of me! All three guys had CUM, and I hadn’t even had my pussy fucked yet or hadΒ  real orgasm! I did give them shit πŸ˜‰

After a 15 minute break, where Danny and Dave went out to the upstairs balcony for a smoke, we started again. This time I rode all three guys, and fucked for close to an hour. This time I finished them all off in my mouth with Danny and Dave cumming almost simultaneously! That’s rare when that happens. They actually covered my face more than in my mouth, but I did get a taste. Dave’s friend finally came again while we were in a 69.

We invited them to stay the night, and Dave got the guest bedroom while his friend slept on the couch in our home office. They did want to play again this morning, but I just had too much to do so they never had the chance. They ended up leaving about noon to head downtown. They are staying in a hotel tonight and hitting the clubs before they head back down to Vermont tomorrow.

Tonight, I am meeting one of my fans who is up from Philadelphia, and his three friends. We are meeting up for dinner then all heading over to their hotel for some mini-Gang-Bang fun. We have talked about it, and we are going to get into all sorts of nasty fun, including bondage (on me) and even watersports. They are supposed to be surprising me with some new weird toys too πŸ˜‰

The pictures below are just some us being silly at the bar as we almost always are. Of course, I can’t show you certain images in order to protect the innocent and the bar πŸ˜‰

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