A Car Quickie Date

I had a date last night with one of my long time BoyToys. We use each other for “Booty Calls” and have for a number of years now. I went out to meet him at the bar for a drink, leaving Danny at home doing his cooking. He was getting some stuff ready for the week, and had some things he likes to allow to sit and/or marinate. He told me to have fun and I headed out.

This BoyToy is one of my “Bareback Buddies”, so before I left the house, I put in one of my contraceptive sponges. I was wearing a short black skirt and stockings, with no panties. We met up, and had a drink, teasing each other the entire time. He had his one arm around me, leaning in, and with his hand he masturbated my pussy. Only the barmaid (who I know) could see what was going on. I ended up gushing CUM all over the barstool! I did clean it up 😉

We went out to my Jeep and got in the back seat. We kissed hard and groped each other, and when I got his cock out and his pants down around his ankles, I immediately climbed on top of him. I slowly sat on his cock, just sliding it in ever so gently. Then I rode him hard for a good 5 minutes until he couldn’t hold it any longer and filled my pussy with his CUM! And he does have really big loads. I sat on him for a couple of minutes while we gently kissed, then I pulled off his cock and went down on him to lick and suck him clean.

We then got out of the backseat, kissed goodbye, and I climbed into the front seat. I still had a pussy full of his CUM that I was trying to hold in, so I put some Kleenex under me to keep it off the Jeep seats. I drove home (all of 5 minutes away) and when I got there went straight to the kitchen. Danny asked me how things went and I grabbed his hand and pulled it to my pussy. He slipped a finger in me, and it came out with a big glob of CUM! He wiped it on my lips, kissed me, then spun me around, leaning me over the kitchen counter. he dropped his shorts, lifted my skirt, and slipped his cock into my CUM filled pussy. He came in about a minute, he was that horny.

We always make little deals when I go out and have my solo fun. This time, he gets to pee all over me while I’m wearing a white button up shirt! We’ll be doing that tomorrow, and yes, he will make sure he has it all on video to share 😉

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