Sexy Wild Partying Tonight!

Getting my nipple checked!It’s Friday, so as usual, I will be over at the bar. But it is different tonight as I am hosting a Get-Together for the Pervy People! We have a bunch of people coming out to hang-out and party from various places. There are people into Fetish, into Sex & Swinging, into Bisexuality, and into Cross-Dressing. I love open-minded and sexually wild people!

The bar is what we call a “Vanilla” venue, with regular patrons around also, so things won’t be getting too crazy at all. In other words, no sex or anything overtly sexual. But there is loads of discrete flashing and sexual teasing going on. And what people don’t see or know about means that nothing has happened! What goes on discretely and privately is your business only πŸ˜‰

The last Get-Together I did for this was a lot of fun, and I got my bare bum spanked and flogged! I also had my pussy played with by many of the people, which was really mainly the women doing it!

Everyone is welcome to come out and join us as it is really a Meet-and-Greet for all of us Perverts to find one another. We have the upper bar this evening, with our own very sexy bartender and server! Really Hot! If you do want to join us, just click the “Meet Me” tab above for the address and directions to the bar.we’ll be getting there at 6:30 to have something to eat, along with many of the people who are attending, then hanging out as late as we like. Last time I brought a new guy home for a MFM threesome, and who knows what’ll happen this time!

And BTW, “Pantie-Checks” on me are allowed πŸ˜‰


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