Tribute Pictures and a FanSign

I took a bit of time today to catch up on some Tribute Pictures that the guys had done for me. A tribute Picture is when you select a picture you like, print it out, jerk-off and CUM on it, then take a picture of the messy results to send back to the girl in the picture. I do take it a bit further as I pose with the pictures the guy’s send me. I’ve now posed with well over 1000 CUM Pictures! On top of that, I welcome any guy who CUMs on my pictures to drop over and CUM on me for real. I just added up the guys I have done that way, and there has been 37 different guys who first came on my pictures, then came on me! I didn’t even realize it was that high!

I also love when guys send me videos of them jerking off and cumming all over my pictures. Those get me really excited and I use those videos for masturbation! My husband edited together a whole bunch of videos into one long movie that is over 90 minutes long.Β  And that was with just a fraction of all the videos I have received over the years! When I am horny, I’ll get a couple of my favourite toys, put a towel on my chair, and watch the video and play with myself.

I do have a couple of videos to share of guys cumming on my pictures. The first is from DK (click here for that) and the second is from razOr514 (click here for that one)

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