Great Fun With Kira Silver

The Porn Star Kira Silver was over at my place earlier this afternoon for some fun with me. We’ve actually known one another for many years, and have been out for dinner and partied together, but we just never had the chance to “be” together. This was a first time for us, and it was great.

She showed up right at noon, followed by Johnny Pearl who we asked to come over and take pictures for us. Danny was doing the video.  We talked about how we wanted to do a scene, and then we just said the hell with getting fancy, let’s just have fun! We jumped on the bed in what we were wearing and got right to it. We had each other cumming and cumming, and Kira had to stop me from time to time to keep from squirting! I did get her to squirt a bit while I was down on her, but you don’t see that on video as my mouth was right against her pussy and I just quickly swallowed. But she did get me later!

After we enjoyed a great 69, I put on my new strap-on vibrator and got ready to fuck her. When she bent over with her ass right in front of me, I had to take a little detour and rim and finger her amazing ass. After spending about 5 minutes or so licking her ass, I moved up and slid the vibrator into her. She went wild and I fucked her with my strap-on for close to half an hour in all sorts of positions.

She really wanted to let go and CUM, so we moved to the bathroom. She asked if she could squirt on my boobs and I said NO…I wanted it on my face! I got down and licked her pussy until she just let go. Now, I have been with a light squirter or two in the past, but never someone like this! She warned me, but I always think people exagerate these things…I was wrong! She let go and filled my mouth and I actually chocked! Three times! I was trying to swallow, but there was so much I just couldn’t handle it all. My face was a wet mess. I will even keep all the choking in the video when I do it 😉

We just finished, and Kira joked saying that now she wished she had a cock to cover her face. well, Johnny Pearl jumped right in! He handed me the camera, told me to take pictures, and quickly stripped down. She went to work on his cock while Danny kept the video going and I took the pictures. Danny even caught me on video a few times, fully naked and snapping away. Kira gave Johnny a nice wet Drool Job that was just great. He ended up cumming all over her face and when he was done, I handed the camera back to him and licked and kissed her face clean. It was tasty 🙂

Kira is coming back to Montreal next weekend and we are hoping to get together again. I want another chance to taste Kira’s CUM again! Below are just some of the pictures, and of course, I will have the full video up very soon.

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