Afternoon Sex

Carol Cox NudeWhile I was running around last week, I ran into an old BoyToy of kine that I hadn’t seen in a few years. He was a great Fuck Buddy, and we used to have a lot of fun together. He ended up getting a girlfriend and wanted to stay monogamous, so we lost touch. He is now single again!

I told him to drop by my place whenever he was free, and he said he’d call. Earlier today, he did call and said he would be in  my neighbourhood around noon, so I invited him over. He has a foot fetish, and loves to massage and kiss feet and he loves his women in heels while he has sex. So I dug out a pair of heels, just for him. I decided to have some fun, so as soon as he arrived, I get undressed with nothing but heels on, and waited on my bed. Danny opened the door for him and told him I was waiting in the bedroom, so he came upstairs and walked in the room.

Carol Cox NudeHe saw me laying there, naked, and only in heels, and came right over to kiss my feet. He spent a few minutes doing that, then slowly kissed his way up my leg to lick my pussy. He is really good at oral, and had me cumming in no time. After I had a few amazing orgasms, I stopped him, undressed him, and then licked and sucked his cock, We moved around, laying on our sides in a 69, but while I sucked his cock, he sucked my toes. As I sucked his cock, I wet my finger and slipped it into his ass. He does love a prostate massage! It didn’t take long before he was pumping a huge load of CUM into my mouth. He has a big load normally, but with the added anal play, it’s almost double. I swallowed it all, and even after he rolled over on his back, I kept sucking him, and kept him hard.

Carol Cox NudeAfter a few minutes, he was ready again. He put on a condom, and I climbed on him and fucked him cowgirl for a while. We switched around to doggy-style so he could hold my feet while he fucked me. We started slow and easy, then moved to a fast, hard and deep rhythm. After a few  more minutes, he was ready to CUM again (I had lost count as to the number of orgasms I had!). He pulled out and jerked off all over my right shoe and foot. It was as messy as I remembered 😉

Carol Cox NudeThat was it. We got dressed, set up a Fuck Date for next week,  and he left. I went into our home office, gave Danny a blow-job, and then sat down to write this as it was all fresh in my mind. I now have to go for another shower and douche as we are meeting a new guy at 7:00PM over at McKibbins Pub and I just don’t know if something sexual will be happening or not!

Carol xoxoxo

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