Had Some Unscheduled Fun Last Night

I was supposed to do a FanFuXXX video shoot last night with a new guy from Toronto, but he had to cancel. As I had free time, I decided to invite a guy I know from Ottawa over to play. I’ve had sex with him before, 3 times in fact, but those were all at Gang-Bangs I had set up. I had never been with him one-on-one.

I got hold of him in the afternoon, and he was all for coming by. He showed up at 7:00, right on time, and I brought him right to my bedroom. My husband was home, but he was on-line doing some work. We ended up have hard, passionate sex with him cumming inside me twice in an hour. He didn’t have that much time, so that hour of hard sex had to do (and it was perfect for me). We cleaned up, and I took him to say hello to my husband.

Once he left, I made my husband go down on me and lick me fully clean. He did that for a good 30 minutes 😉

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