I enjoyed my weekend

I had a nice weekend. My youngest son was home for a few days, and on Friday we drove him up to Ottawa where he now lives. That gave us access to one of my favorite Asian markets, where we picked up some hard to find items, as well as a platter of Sushi. It was really good. We did get home a bit late, so did not go out to the Pub. I guess age is catching up to me šŸ˜‰

Saturday evening was a reboot of other Saturdays I have had recently. My two young BoyToys came out yet again from Montreal for some fun. This is turning into quite the regular thing! We ended up spending close to three hours having sex, and did everything. Both guys anted to finally have a Double-Penetration with me, and both wanted my ass! So I rode my husband’s cock while they took turns in my ass. Both guys only lasted a couple of minutes before cumming deep in my ass. That was just the start! There was a lot more sucking annd fucking, and the boys loved it when I made my husband lick the CUM from my Bum. It was a really good evening with both guys cumming three times each.

Sunday was father’s Day as well as my daughter’s birthday, so we had a family dinner and birthday cake šŸ™‚

I quite enjoyed my weekend. Just the right amount of sex and family time šŸ™‚

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