Weekend Recap

It’s Monday, which means I have to talk about the weekend. I’m usually too busy or too tired to actually write about it on the weekend, so here you go.

We met a new couple in Cornwall on Friday at one of the Pub’s. We met for drinks and a chat as they were curious about Swinging and Bi-sex and wanted information. They were quite young, in their early 20’s, and very hot! She was gorgeous with an amazing body, and he was a hunk! We had a couple of drinks, and answered many of their questions about Swinging and Swing Clubs. I know you think we ended up fucking them, but I am sad to say, we didn’t. We just chatted, and then left, as they still weren’t ready.

But, I did have fun on Friday night as one of my young BoyToys from Ottawa came down to visit family in Alexandria, and then texted me to see what we were doing. I invited him over, and he was there in about 20 minutes. He’s a really good looking, hard body, 25 year old guy that I first met and played with 2 years ago at another friend’s place up in Ottawa. He’s originally from the area where I live, so has been to my place a handful of times. He also has an amazing cock! It’s almost 8 inches and really thick, and he gets rock hard. He CUMs like a fountain, and can CUM a few times with no problems. So once again, we went for the “trifecta” where he CUMs in my mouth, my pussy, then my ass!

We started with oral sex and him going down on me for a god 20 minutes, then I spent time on him. I licked and sucked his cock and balls, and even had him flip over so I could rim his amazing ass. He loves that, and I enjoy it with an ass that fine! I then brought him off in my mouth with him squirting 7 or 8 huge spurts of CUM. I swallowed the first few squirts, then saved the rest in my mouth. I then grabbed my husband (yes, he was there the whole time, watching), kissed him, and spit the CUM into his mouth for him to swallow. I love doing this to him, and anyone else that wants to share.

After finishing with my husband, I went back to sucking my BoyToy to get him hard again. It only took a couple of minutes before he was rock gard again. This time I climbed on top of him and lowered my pussy onto his cock, then rode him Cowgirl style for a while. We moved around and he fucked me hard Doggy-Style until he came deep in my pussy. When he pulled out, I told my husband to lay down underneath me, and sat my pussy right on his mouth. He was forced to lick out all the CUM! I then slid down and sat on his cock, then fucked him until he came. That really didn’t take long at all. I then pulled off of him, moved up, and made him lick his own CUM from my pussy πŸ˜‰

After a break for drinks, we all ended up back in the bed. As I sucked my husband’s cock, my BoyToy licked and fingered my ass, getting it ready for his thick cock. He got behind me, and I guided his cock into my ass, and he stuffed me! He is THICK! He fucked my ass hard, and I forgot all about my husband’s cock. It only took him a few minutes before he came in my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing as he pumped his CUM into me. I had him move around in front of me as soon as he puled out, and made my husband get behind me to lick my ass. I took hisΒ  CUM covered cock into my mouth and sucked him clean. At the same time, my husband was licking my ass. I pushed the CUM out, and even farted CUM right into his face (that is quite common)! It was a great finish to a great evening.
We were supposed to go out to a house party in Montreal on Saturday evening, but decided to forego that and just stay in for a quiet evening. We made Tacos and watched a movie.

Sunday was the same for us as it was for most people, we watched the Superbowl! I even won a bet against 6 different guys. The bet was that if Carolina won, I would let each of them fuck and Creampie me. If I won, each guy would have to cover my (and my husband’s) bar tab. So, I now have 6 bar tabs paid for! πŸ˜‰


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