Great Facial Today

So, I got a great Facial earlier today! And from a last minute guy too. There is a young guy from the Ottawa area that reads on comments on my Blogs quite a bit. he left a comment on Tuesday about wanting to do a video with me and left me his e-mail address. So, I wrote him back as soon as I saw it, and we set it up for today!

He came over, and he is one of those thin young guys with the big cocks! I sucked his cock and balls and he loved it based on the noises he was making. And we he finally came all over my face, it was a wonderfully creamy and thick big load! It came out great on video and in the handful of pictures I have attached below.

He is coming back over next Tuesday, this time to fuck me and CUM deep in my pussy. I think a Creampie from him will look, and feel, great 🙂

As this is the first shoot of the month I hope this bodes well for me and fro the rest of the shoots I have lined up 🙂

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