Getting Throat Fucked by a T-Girl

During my fun with the three “Gurls” a couple of weeks ago, Justine and I were in a 69 and she basically face-fucked me! The next thing I knew, I had 4 cocks taking turns fucking my throat! I was actually quite proud of myself as I took all 4 of them all the way into my throat. One of the “Gurls” couldn’t hold back and ended up cumming right down my throat! It was an interesting feeling as I could feel the CUM squirt in my throat, but I didn’t taste a thing until “she” pulled out!

When Justine was in my mouth (the picture below) a couple of the others started fucking her ass. Every time they would thrust into her butt, her cock would drive right into my throat! (Yes, I do have pictures) The amazing thing was I could take it without gagging! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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