Last Night and Tonight

I had a fun night last night that was very unexpected. One of my BoyToys called me right around 11:00 at night and asked if I was available for a Booty Call! he’s a guy I’ve known for 10 years, and I first did him when he was 19. he’s now 29. We get together every few months and always have fun.

I was feeling frisky, so invited him over. He lives quite close, so was over in about 15 minutes. He’s also a great “Friend with Benefits” as he is great in bed, has a nice thick cut cock, a big creamy load, and can CUM again and again! He also happens to be one of my Bareback Buddies who I fuck without a condom.

He arrived and talked to my husband for a few minutes while I went to get ready. As I am not on birth control, I always keep contraceptive sponges on hand for when I do play with one of my Bareback Buddies. I went up to my bathroom to put one in 🙂

I went back downstairs, and we all chatted for about 20 minutes, and then I dragged him up to my bedroom. I was only wearing my robe and nothing else, so I was naked in a second. He quickly stripped his clothes of, and I pulled him onto the bed, right on top of me. I just guided his cock into me, without any foreplay, and we fucked hard for about 5 minutes, until he came deep in my pussy. Just as he was cumming, I wrapped my legs around him, and pulled him in tight so he could grind his cock into my pussy. he lay onto top of me for the next few minutes, with his cock inside of me, and softly kissed.

After those few minutes, he flipped around, pulling me on top, then liften me off of his cock and spun me around. He pulled my CUM filled pussy right onto his face, and I went down on his cock to suck it clean. he always does a great job licking my pussy, and I love the fact that a little CUM doesn’t scare him.We spent quite a while in a 69 and then he spun me around again and sat me on his cock. We fucked hard for a good 20 minutes, and I had countless orgasms. I could tell he was close to cumming, so I climbed off of him and went down to suck his cock. I know exactly what he likes to CUM, so I had him squirting his hot load in my mouth in about a minute.

After sucking every last drop of CUM from his cock, I crawled up next to him and we just cuddled and fell asleep togther. Danny slept in our guest room, as he does when I have BoyToys over for the night. The next thing I knew, my alarm clock was going off! I hit the snooze button, and felt a hard cock against my ass. I was laying on my side away from him. I reached down and guided his cock into my pussy, and we fucked softly and slowly for about 10 minutes. He came inside me again, and everything was just wonderful…until my clock went off again! AARRGGHH!

We got up, cleaned up, and he sneaked out before I woke up my son for school. After I sent my son off, I went up to the guest bedroom and woke up Danny with a nice wet blow-job. He just layed back, and enjoyed it, and in no time at all, he came in my mouth. I do think you should always show your thanks and appreciation 😉



Since it is Friday, I will be at the bar tonight. It looks like we’ll have a bunch of people out this evening, including a bunch of horny Swinging Cougars! I have a feeling things may get a bit wild tonight! Everyone is welcome to join us, so just click the “Meet Me” tab above to see where you can find me this evening


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