I Got My Ass Fucked Today

My BoyToy Ben called me last week saying he was going on holidays and would be gone for close to a month. he asked if he could come over before he had to leave on his trip (tomorrow) and I told him I was free today. He then asked if he could fuck my ass and give me an anal creampie! I said he could fuck my ass, but would have to CUM on it, not in it, as I wanted to see it on video. I promised him he could CUM in my ass after he gets back  😉

He came over earlier this afternoon, but when he got here, Danny was tied up with a server problem we had. So Ben and I just went to my room and just got started on our own! The video starts in the middle of our fucking as that’s when Danny finally showed up. Ben and I had spent close to an hour just sucking and fucking and having fun before danny got into the room with the cameras!

We sucked and fucked some more, and then Ben was more than ready to get his cock into my ass! He spent time getting me ready with his tongue and fingers and then slipped his cock into my ass. He fucked me hard for a few minutes until he just couldn’t hold it anymore, and let go all over my ass! He even used his finger to push some CUM into my bum hole! I get he got his wish of having his CUM in my ass. 😉

The video for my anal fun will be up in a couple of weeks 🙂


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