A Fun Friday Night

We ended up at the bar quite late last night. We were there with 2 other couples who are Swinger friends of ours, and we were also joined by the guy I shot with on Wednesday. And that was it. I did get an e-mail earlier today from a guy who was there with his friend, but they were too afraid to come over to us! It is their loss (and ours) as we would have taken them home! I even wrote him back and told him 😉

We ended up back at my place, and us three girls went to my bedroom to try out the new sex toys I got a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot of fun. The guys just stayed in the kitchen, drinking Rum.

I think we may be going out to a Swing Club this evening, I’m just not sure which one yet. It has been a while since we have been to one.

We will be goingto Le 1082 on a Friday or Saturday during the next couple of weeks,  with some Swingers friends. We’ll start off in the Eclipse Nightclub, then more over to the Swingers Sauna area for some fun. I’ll let you all know the details when we have them figured out.

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