Carol Fucks A New Asian-Canadian Fan – The Video

Normally, I don’t mention race or colour. However, I get a lot of messages asking why I don’t fuck Asian guys! The thing is, I do! You just don’t see their faces, so you don’t realize it. I have been with men from backgrounds from all of Asia and South-East Asia. I just never have cared about race or colour, and treat everyone them same.

This is Chris, who had a fantasy about fucking me, a much older woman. We set it up, and to my pleasant surprise, he actually showed up! I started him off with a nice wet blow-job, taking good care of his cock and balls. We moved to the bed, played some more, and then he fucked me. It didn’t last long as it was his first time, but that is okay. He did want to wear a condom, which didn’t bother me at all. He was going to pull out when he was close to cumming and finish off on my face. It just got too good for him and he let go while fucking me, and in the condom! Danny told him to empty it out on the crack of my butt, and he did. Looked like a very nice load too 😉

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