A Treasure Trove Of Pictures!

I have a big box of pictures from the days before digital cameras, in fact, I have thousands of them! Back then we had to process our film to get prints, and then scan them. The Internet in the mid 1990’s didn’t have large screens with most being either 640X480 or 800X600, so the pictures had to be scanned to fit in those screen sizes. Bandwidth was also very limited, so you had to really compress the pictures to get a small file size or people would be waiting for the image to load.

I have an example below. I just scanned this picture but with a much better scanner than I had 20 years ago, and at much higher resolution. You can tell it’s an old one by my pubic hair! This was a scann from a picture taken in June of 1994 when my husband and  I picked up a few guys at the bar and brought them home to play 🙂

Click on the picture to see the full sizes one.

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